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Book Review: Iniquity (The Premonition Series #5)

About the Book:

Iniquity: Volume 5 (The Premonition Series )Title: Iniquity (The Premonition Series #5)
Author: Amy A. Bartol
Pub. Date: December 8, 2015
Publisher: Ugly Stepsister Production, LLC
Pages: 366 
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Angels, Romance
Rating: 4/5 stars


I gasp as my body curls toward Brennus like a flower to the sun, for the pleasure of it. He holds me close to him. His nose grazes the length of my neck. He breathes me in. I feel the roar and rush of my heartbeat. I’m his toy; his energy streams into me. He winds the invisible key in my back and the euphoria ratchets and coils inside of me: tick…tick…tick…

Another wicked surge of energy flows from him into me. Pain. Pleasure. Bliss. My jaw unclenches as my lips part. I make a small, breathy sound as we dance. Brennus responds with something close to a growl. “Ye’re killing me, mo chroĆ­,” he murmurs. His hand moves down my back infusing me with a golden glow of power. My wings punch violently from me, tearing a hole in my day dress. They spread wide, like a red stain beyond my pale skin. I’m dancing now for the thrill of it. I follow his lead.

As the song comes to an end, Brennus kisses my throat. He whispers in my ear, “When ye get back, come find me, mo chroĆ­. I’ve healed ye…now wake up and banjax whoever banished ye here…”

“I’m the light to his darkness. There’s no escape; he’s a part of me.”
This review is a bit difficult for me to write because I wanted to give the last installment in The Premonition series 5 stars...you don't even know how much it hurts that I can't do this. But there were some aspects of this book that made me disappointed in the story as a whole, and ultimately I couldn't get over these things to boost the rating. I have been anxiously awaiting this novel for so long, and I had built up the excitement in my mind so much that perhaps I went in with too high of expectations. I still love this series, don't get me wrong, but this novel was definitely not what I was expecting, especially with how long it took for it to come out. Nevertheless, it was still a truly great novel and addition to the series! I was on the edge of my seat for most of the novel, and flew through the book to see how everything would end! 


I want to start with the problems I had with this novel so that I can move onto the better parts of this novel. To start, I thought the book was a bit rushed. There were times when I felt like Amy Bartol never had a clear direction for the conclusion of this series. This resulted in the book seeming a bit all over the place at times or just repeat of the previous books. Again, maybe I was expecting a bit more from the story because every other book had a clear direction from beginning to end (at least in my opinion). I also didn't like the fact that the "villain" of this novel (and as we later find out-the entire series) is a brand new character. He was never introduced prior to this, nor was he ever hinted at before this novel. It just didn't sit well with me that there were no clues to this character being the bad guy, and then suddenly this book is entirely about him. Finally, the ending was just blah--at least for me. There was no true conclusion, and honestly it seemed like the book cut off mid-chapter. I have heard that there is a possibility of some novellas, which would make me feel A LOT better, but all I really want is an epilogue.

“I could no more leave you than the earth could leave the sun. 
You’ll always draw me back to you.”
You might be asking, why the heck did you give this book 4 stars then Cassie? Ans the reason is  that this book was still amazing. It still captivated me and drew me in from the very first page. While Amy's writing might not be for everyone, she does have a great talent. While some of the scenes seemed a bit of a repeat from before or all over the place, she expertly wove elements of past books into this book to answer questions that have been a mystery for so long. She answered almost every question we have been asking, and she delivered on the intense action...and intense romance. This book is filled with twists you won't see coming, and I loved seeing all of our favorite characters back in action. I also did like how she kind of resolved the Reed/Evie/Breenus triangle. I'm not going to say anything more than most people will be happy with who Evie chooses. However, I don't know if I would really call the end of this novel a true resolution of this triangle. Regardless, I liked what Amy did and was satisfied with this conclusion.


Overall, I definitely would recommend reading this novel if you're a fan of The Premonition series. While it wasn't everything I was hoping for and I would have liked a better conclusion to the story, I will keep my hopes up that there will be some sort of epilogue or novellas so we can visit these much loved characters once again in the future. This novel is chock full of action, adventure, and excitement, and even though it might not be exactly what you are expecting, you won't regret reading this finale from Amy Bartol!

Happy reading :)


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