Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Review: Perfekt Order (Aere Saga #1)

About the Book:
Perfekt Order (The Ære Saga #1)Title: Perfekt Order (Aere Saga #1)
Author: S.T. Bende
Publication Date: Dec. 8, 2015
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 473 
Rating: 5/5 stars

All's fair when you're in love with War.

For seventeen-year-old Mia Ahlström, a world ruled by order is the only world she allows. A lifetime of chore charts, to-do lists and study schedules have helped earn her a spot at Redwood State University’s engineering program. And while her five year plan includes finding her very own happily-evah-aftah, years at an all-girls boarding school left her feeling woefully unprepared for keg parties and co-ed extracurricular activities.

So nothing surprises her more than catching the eye of Tyr Fredriksen at her first college party. The imposing Swede is arrogantly charming, stubbornly overprotective, and runs hot-and-cold in ways that defy reason . . . until Mia learns that she’s fallen for the Norse God of War; an immortal battle deity hiding on Midgard (Earth) to protect a valuable Asgardian treasure from a feral enemy. With a price on his head, Tyr brings more than a little excitement to Mia’s rigidly controlled life. Choosing Tyr may be the biggest distraction—or the greatest adventure—she’s ever had.

S.T. Bende never ceases to amaze me with her wonderful way of mixing Norse mythology into an exciting adventure of a story! I have been a huge fan of S.T. Bende since reading the Elsker Saga (if you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend it!!), and while this has a similar feel, it's a whole new story with unique and amazing characters that will easily find a way into your heart the instant you meet them. Ms. Bende's writing pulls you in immediately, and every scene is richly described so you feel like every scene is playing out in front of you. I never wanted this book to end because I love being in the world S.T. Bende has created so much!! While taking place in the same "world" as the Elsker Saga, this is a standalone series. You don't have to read the Elsker Saga to understand anything...but seriously, why wouldn't you want to read those awesome books??

The best part of this book is the amazing cast of characters that Ms. Bende has written. I fell in love with Mia immediately. She's spunky, sassy, and independent. Mia is so strong, and handles anything that life throws at her with a comfort that would leave others freaking out. Granted, she's a bit neurotic with all her order and OCD-ness, but that was one of her many traits that made her so relatable to me. Tyr, aka the God of War, is too hot to handle! He starts off as basically an jerk (albeit a very hot and dreamy one), but you know what's see a different side later on after he finally lets Mia in. Tyr is the ultimate protector, I mean come on...he's the God of War...but he just wants to keep everyone he loves safe. Throughout the story, I truly felt like I understood the weight he carries on his shoulders, and I just wanted to give him a hug. Together Mia and Tyr are an amazing couple. They balance each other out, and give each other strength during the rough and crazy times. Their chemistry is off the charts, and they definitely have some steamy scenes!

The supporting characters are just as amazing. Brynn had me cracking up with her crazy, upbeat personality, and Henrick was just as perfect too. Each book in this series will be about a different character, and I can't wait for their story!!

Definitely check this series (and the Elsker Saga!) right away!! S.T. Bende has crafted another amazing story with an awesome cast of characters. She incorporates Norse mythology into the story in an effortless way, and you can tell how much research and time she puts into writing her novels. I can't wait to read the next book, Perfekt Control!

Happy reading :)



  1. This cover is gorgeous! I haven't heard of this series before now, but I'll be checking it out!

    1. I love the covers of all her books! You definitely should check out this series and the original series as well. You don't have to read the original series as this novel takes place at the same time as the events in the other, but if you like this one, you'll definitely love the other :)


  2. I probably would have judged this one by the cover and passed on it believe it or not. But it sounds like an amazing read. I have to check this out!

    1. It really is! I hope you're able to check this one out soon!