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Book Review: Too Late

Too LateAbout the Book:
Title: Too Late
Author: Colleen Hoover
Pub. Date: November 19, 2016
Publisher: Hoover Ink
Pages: 394
Rating: 4/5 stars


Sloan will go through hell and back for her little brother. And she does, every single night. 

Forced to remain in a relationship with the dangerous and corrupt Asa Jackson, Sloan will do whatever it takes to make sure her brother has what he needs. 

Nothing will get in her way. 

Nothing except Carter. 

Sloan is the only good thing to ever happen to Asa. He knows this and he never plans on letting her go; even if she doesn't approve of his lifestyle. But despite Sloan's disapproval, Asa knows what it takes to get what he wants. He knows what he needs to do to remain on top. 

Nothing will get in his way. 

Nothing except Carter.


“Love finds you in the forgiveness at the tail end of a fight. Love finds you in the empathy you feel for someone else. Love finds you in the embrace that follows a tragedy. Love finds you in the celebration after the conquering of an illness. Love finds you in the devastation after the surrender to an illness.” 

I originally read this book as Colleen was writing it on Wattpad and then obviously had to read it again when it was released. The first time I read it, I didn't love it as much as I thought I would, but the second time made me love it a lot more. Is it my favorite read from Colleen Hoover? No. But I still love it a great deal (I mean, I read it a second time so that should tell you something) and would highly recommend checking it out! I honestly don't think it's possible for Colleen to write a bad book, and this story is very captivating. I will say that Too Late is for mature readers. It has some very dark, twisted things featured in its pages, and it's not your typical Colleen Hoover book. So just be aware of that prior to reading.

“He's not safe. He's the shark-infested deep end of the sea and if I agree to go out with him, I'd be walking the plank, right off the boat and into his dark depth. How am I supposed to do that when I don't even know if I can swim?” 

Sloan is our main female lead and I loved her! There were times she got on my nerves a little bit, but overall she was an excellent female protagonist. Despite her thinking, she is much stronger than she realizes, and is a very realistic character...which is something that Colleen always has done best. Sloan knows the right thing to do, but there are many outside factors preventing her from making that decision. One of which is her brother, Steven. If Sloan leaves the person she is most scared of, her brother has nothing and won't be able to receive the help he needs. I honestly commend Sloan for being as strong as she was because I don't know anyone who could put up with the physical, mental, and sexual abuse she did. 

“I cried because I realized that no matter who he’s become, a part of me is still in love with him...because I don’t know how not to be. 

Asa, Sloan's boyfriend/captor (because let's be real here...that's exactly what he is), is a grade-A asshole. Seriously, I have never read a character I hated as much as I did Asa. And you're supposed to. He is evil, sadistic, and absolutely insane (I mean that literally). I actually loved that we were able to read from his perspective because it really helps readers understand the situation that Sloan has had to deal with for so long. Asa's mindset and thinking shows just how far gone he is, and there is no fixing that kind of crazy. Even though he's fictional, I was even afraid of Asa. There are many things that he does during the story that are absolutely shocking, and the sad (and frightening) truth is that there are many people like Asa out there in this world. 

“The journey from first breath to death has nothing to do with miracles, how much you pray, coincidences, or divine intervention.” 

Sloan isn't alone in this crazy, messed up situation though. Enter, Carter (or Luke when he's not undercover). He saves Sloan in every way a person can possibly be saved, and I fell in love with his character right from the get go. Luke certainly didn't expect Sloan to enter his life, but once she did there was no turning away from her. Even though Sloan knows she's in a bad situation, she still does think that she loves Asa...but Luke makes her realize what love actually is and how love should actually feel. It shouldn't feel like an obligation or a punishment, it should allow the person to feel safe and secure. 

“I guess that's the difference in being loved the right way and the wrong way. You either feel tethered to an anchor...or you feel like you're flying.” 

While I did enjoy the many many epilogues, at one point it felt a bit much. And the fact that the actual conclusion to the story left a big thing up in the air made me a little upset. It's really not that big of a deal that one thing is left unresolved, but it kills me that the truth of the situation is what I think it is because I want Sloan and Luke's lives to be free of Asa in every form. But Luke utters the best couple of sentences that will make every girl swoon so in the end, he's there for Sloan no matter what and that's really all that is important.

Overall, this is a very gripping and dark novel by Colleen Hoover that is sure to appeal to many readers. While it's not my all-time favorite novel by Colleen, I still enjoyed it a great deal and think that any fan of hers will enjoy it as well. It's definitely worth checking out when you get the chance!

Happy reading :)


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