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Book Review: The Struggle (Titan #3)

The Struggle (Titan, #3)About the Book:
Title: The Struggle (Titan #3)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Pub. Date: March 20, 2017
Publisher: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Pages: 368
Rating: 5/5 stars


A bloody path has been chosen… 

The war against the Titans continues, and they remain determined to wreak havoc on the world, but Seth has become something all gods fear. Now the most dangerous, most absolute power no longer resides in those who have been freed from their tombs. 

The Great War fought by the few is coming… 

All may doubt and fear what Seth has become. All except the one woman who might be his final chance at redemption. Josie will do anything to prove that Seth is on their side, but fate has a nasty way of changing lives, of changing people. 

In the end, the sun will fall… 

The only way they can save the future and save themselves is by facing the unknown together. It will take more than trust and faith. It will take love and the kind of strength not easily broken. No matter what, their lives will never be the same. 

For what the gods have feared has come to pass. The end of the old is here and the beginning of the new has been ushered in…



I hope there never comes a day when I stop getting excited over a Jennifer Armentrout book. The Struggle was absolutely amazing and if I could give this book a thousand stars, I would. I could honestly gush for years about this book and this series, but I'll try to sum it up in a short review. Every single sentence of this book was pure magic and I honestly never wanted the story to end. All of the characters have a special place in my heart and I don't know how I will ever say goodbye to them (I know the end is coming but I need to live in denial for a little bit longer). I don't think I need to tell anyone how extraordinary Jen's writing is, but in case you missed the memo a long time ago...this woman knows how to write! She is one of the few authors that I don't need to read the synopsis to know that I'll enjoy the story and suffer a major book hangover from. And this book was certainly no exception to that! 


After the explosive ending (literally) of the last book, I had to read this book as soon as possible. There is not a single thing that I didn't love in this story. The direction the story took, the crazy amounts of action, the romance...I could go on and on. But everything is written perfectly and the pacing is fantastic. I could not put this book down because I was desperate to find out what was going to happen. There were so many twists and turns in this novel that no one will see coming, and even though you don't think the characters could be developed any more...guess again!


When I first started reading this series, Josie wasn't my favorite...especially when compared to Alex. However, Josie has grown into this wonderful character that I love a great deal. She is tough, fierce, and feisty (a winning combination if you ask me). Seth does a great deal of growing in this novel and while he's still the cocky guy we all know and love, certain circumstances change him and he realizes he needs to step up to the plate. There is no denying the love Seth and Josie have for each other, and it's even sweeter in this book. Their banter is priceless and I love how much Seth cares for Josie. He will go to the ends of the Earth for her and I loved every single second of it. I will say, there was one scene towards the end of the book where Seth takes a HUGE risk. My heart was in my throat and I almost didn't want to read the scene for fears that something bad was going to happen (especially since this was literally the end of the book and we all know how JLA loves her cliffhangers). But carry on I did, and things worked out...until we (and Josie) realize something major about her powers and the future. And at that point, I really wish we never learned the truth about Josie's powers because my heart broke. 


Aiden, Alex, Deacon, Luke, Apollo, and everyone else is back and better than ever! Honestly, I love Aiden and Alex so much and I'm glad they have roles in this story. It wouldn't feel like this world without them in the story somehow. However, the one thing that blew my mind was Aiden and Seth starting to actually agree with each other and work well together. And you know what? It's even better than I imagined it to be. Their banter is still epic and hilarious, and they kinda still hate each other, but they have made great strides in their friendship and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Apollo obviously still isn't winning any Father-Of-The-Year awards, and there's obviously something major brewing behind the scenes that the readers are not yet privy to. 

The cliffhanger of a ending in The Struggle isn't as bad as The Power, but it's still bad nonetheless. All fans of this series and of JLA need to check this book out as soon as possible. It's going to be one heck of a wait until the fourth book in the series, but I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next!! 

Happy reading :)


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