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Blog Tour: Infinite Dolls

Novels and Necklaces is extremely honored to be apart of the Blog Tour for Infinite Dolls, a new book from author, Emalynne Wilder.  I'm so excited for everyone to be able to check out this amazing novel as it is one of those stories that opens your eyes and makes you appreciate what you have!  The entire schedule for the tour can be found at Xpresso Book Tours.  Make sure to enter the giveaway below!!

Book & Author Details:

Title: Infinite Dolls 
Author: Emalynne Wilder 
Publication date: May 3, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Born to be the best.

Head of his class.

No strings attached.

The third year of medical school is supposed to be the hardest, but Callum Trovatto has no idea what he’s about to face when Everly Anne Brighton stands between him and a passing grade, shaking up his world with her secrets, and digging into his dark past.


Trapped by her father’s rules.

Longing for freedom.

Expected to die before her twenty-first birthday at the hands of a rare medical condition, Everly Brighton begins to defy the carefully crafted routine her father enforces to keep her alive, despite the fact that it could kill her.

INFINITE DOLLS is an emotionally charged love story about finding faith, coping with loss and living in the preciousness of Now.

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Emalynne Wilder is the voice of the Broken-Hearted. The Forgotten. The Unheard. Painfully shy in person. Unapologetic on paper. She’s the girl listening to your dirt from the corner of the room as she plots how to turn tragedy into triumph.

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How it begins is how it goes. 

This book blew me away. Extremely emotional and bittersweet, Infinite Dolls is a book unlike any I have read before. You know going in that Everly Anne has a terminal illness, but the beauty of this book lies in the fact that while her illness is present, it is not the focus. This might not make much sense now, but when you read this (which you have to because it's so good), you'll understand. At the end of the day, this book is entirely Callum's story, and how this beautiful, wonderful girl entered his life in a whirlwind type way and changed him in countless ways. Emalynne Wilder has such a passionate and gorgeous way of writing...one that transports you to another place while reading. You feel every single emotion the characters feel, from gut wrenching heartbreak to crazy happy moments. This book is a journey of love and loss, coping and accepting. It does what any good book does, it makes you reflect on your own life, and remember how important it is to stop and appreciate what you have around you. 


Everly Anne was an absolute delight! I loved her spunk and sassiness. She seemed reserved at first, but once she truly opens up you see how amazing she is. Everly Anne was actually a very relatable character because she has lived in a bubble her entire life, every action being controlled by her father. However, when she is finally able to break free a bit and actually live, she becomes who she was truly meant to be. It was a wonderful journey to experience, even though this book was entirely from Callum's perspective. I think it shows just how great an author Ms. Wilder is that she can showcase this type of transformation from an outside perspective. Callum is definitely someone you will fall in love with right away. He is exactly the type of guy every girl deserves. He intends to give Everly Anne the world, and he does...in his own way. Callum has a bit of sadness in him, but he is incredibly genuine and understanding. 


The romance between Everly Anne and Callum was bittersweet and so romantic. It was extremely natural, and from the moment they met, you could tell how beautiful their story would be. However, even before reading this book you know how things will end. Granted, you hope you're wrong, but alas, there is one scene that virtually ripped my heart out and left me gross sobbing. Their relationship though reminds us all of how transcendent love can be, and that while fate, destiny, etc. plays a role in our lives, at the end of the day, we need to have faith that things will work out how they are supposed to. This book in general reminds us that things happen for a reason, and if two people are meant to be together, they will be in the end.

Something in my spirit had changed, something so large that I had been woken up, that night, by a sleeping girl. 

I highly recommend reading this gorgeously written novel by Emalynne Wilder. It's one of those books that makes you think and believe in true love. While there were some parts that dragged, which made the book feel a lot longer than it actually was, it was still an amazing story that will leave you teary-eyed. I will definitely be checking out future books from Ms. Wilder!

Happy reading :)


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  1. Lovely review! This sounds like a beautifully told story and emotional, too!