Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blog Tour: Shadow of a Girl

Welcome to Novels and Necklaces! Today we are featuring Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland. This was truly an amazing book, but I'll save the gushing for my review below.  Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to enter the giveaway before you go :)
About the Book:
Title: Shadow of a Girl
Author: Shannon Greenland
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication date: September 19, 2016
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Use cash and keep moving.
After I ran away from home, these were the two rules that dictated my life. Scoring a job as a roadie fit perfectly for what I needed. Traveling, cash, and life out of the spotlight. But when my path collides with West, the lead singer of Bus Stop, I can’t seem to stay out of his spotlight—especially since we’ll be touring together for an entire year.
West is determined to break down my walls. He won’t give up. And little by little they come crumbling. But if he knew what lurked behind them, he wouldn’t be so eager to get rid of them.
The more time we spend together, the more the lines of our friendship become blurred. He makes me dream of things I never thought possible. But while our friendship has been evolving into a romance, my secrets have been closing in. And just when I’ve decided to reveal my past to West, I’m confronted by it. The cost of my freedom could ruin the life of the guy I love…

Author Bio:
Shannon Greenland is the award winning author of several novels including the teen spy series, THE SPECIALISTS, and the YA romance, THE SUMMER MY LIFE BEGAN. Her latest teen novel, SHADOW OF A GIRL, is due out 9.19.16. She also writes thrillers under S. E. Green and lives off the coast of Florida with her very grouchy dog. Find her at


Shadow of a Girl is an incredibly powerful book about overcoming your fears and being a brave person in the face of many dark moments. This book truly is a great read that I would recommend everyone checking out, as the story stays with you for a long time after reading. Even now, I find myself thinking about these characters and what they have gone through. There are many outstanding moments in this book where our characters truly shine. Ms. Greenland did a fantastic job at mixing suspense and romance into this YA story, and I am excited to read more from her.

Eve, our main character, is a girl who is incredibly brave and has a strength like no other. Even though I was kind of on the right track about what happened to her, it was still shocking to read. You know from the first page that her character has a secret, but the clues are slowly revealed over the course of the story. Her characters felt extraordinarily realistic, and I felt as if I was reading someone's journal instead of fiction. There were many heartbreaking and dark moments, and you could feel Eve's terror in certain scenes in every pore of your body. Reading this book offered an extremely visceral experience, and it made for an even more enjoyable read. One of the highlights of this book is the friendship between Eve and one of the roadies on tour with her, Anne. I love when authors incorporate LGBT characters into their books (since I don't think this is done enough in books today), and Anne was seriously one of the most fun and most open characters, but she knew when Eve needed her space. She looked out for Eve and helped her come out of her shell. Anne allowed Eve to become the person she was truly meant to, and that spoke wonders to me. But Eve also had her friend Bluma, who was crucial in helping Eve escape the terror that she lived with. I wish we could have gotten to know Bluma a little better, but the strength of their friendship shines through anytime she is mentioned or in a scene.

The romance is another great part of this book, and I loved the relationship that blossomed between West and Eve. West was a very mysterious character, and I was itching to know what his story was. When we find out, it is truly heartbreaking. Eve and West are perfect for each other, and are able to help patch up the broken pieces that make up the other's heart. I honestly loved them together and was rooting for them until the very end. I do wish there was a little more of a conclusion with their story (the ending basically just cuts off), but there is a certain beauty to how Ms. Greenland chose to end this novel. And the more I though about it, the more I didn't mind the ending so much. Both characters are at a major turning point in their lives, and the ending was just enough to give readers hope. 

I highly recommend checking out this novel, as it will not disappoint! It is all about overcoming the hurdles in your path and finding your own way in life. The strong message is to stay determined in forging your own path, and remembering that even if you're a bit broken, you don't also have to be defeated.   

Happy reading :)



  1. Great review, Cassie! this sounds like a well written read and very character driven, too! Eve sounds like an easy to like character, too!

    1. Thanks!! It definitely is very character driven, and it makes the book even more enjoyable because of it. Hope you like it :)