Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag was created by The Book Archer. I wasn't tagged by anybody - I just wanted to do it because I always have really unpopular opinions when it comes to books. 

Popular book or series that you didn't like 
Red Queen

Please do not get me started on this book. This was a retelling of books like Game of Thrones, Red Rising, and Mockingjay by someone who probably thought "If I changed this a little, I could probably make a lot of money."

Popular book or series that everyone else seems to hate but you love 

The Vampire Chronicles 

I don't know what it is that people have against vampires these days, but I love them. But the old fashioned ones that burn in the sun and die with a wooden stake to the heart. I feel like a lot of people don't like The Vampire Chronicles because they're looking for a Twilight romance and they're getting nothing like what they expected. Twilight may be the first vampire exposure a lot of people have, so I get why some people would be like "ew this is so weird" when reading adult vampire fiction or something. I grew up on really old vampire movies sooo it's like that but with romance and I lovelovelove it. 

Love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did not want them to end up with 

The Sookie Stackhouse Series

I love Charlaine Harris, but come on!! COME ON!! AFTER ALL WE'VE BEEN THROUGH! I respect her decision and will always read her books just cause she has changed my life with her books but epic sad face with this decision. *sobs in a corner* 

Popular book genre that you hardly reach for 


Oops. I should probably change this soon and expand my horizons, but I get enough of this at school!!

A popular or beloved character that you do not like 

Felicity Smoak

I don't know how many of you read comic books like I do… but she first appeared in a Firestorm comic as a cranky bitch. And surprise - she looks nothing like she does in the T.V. show (she had black curly hair). How do us book lovers USUALLY react to film adaptations that are nothing like our beloved books? Well, we are usually pretty pissed off. I grew up around comic books, so this is the same situation for me. I didn't like her in the comic books, I don't like her in T.V. show. The Green Arrow should be with The Black Canary just like in the comics. How would you like it if one of your book OTPs went with another character in the movie or T.V. show just because fans who didn't even read the books didn't like them together? You'd probably be pissed. So leave me SULK in SADNESS. 

A popular author that you can't seem to get into 
Scott Westerfeld

 I tried quite a few. I probably will keep trying just because that's the kind of reader I am, I've never "given up" on an author.

A popular book trope that you're tired of seeing 

The character that discovers they're something strange usually at the end of the book, leaving at a very convenient cliffhanger. 
example: A fairy, a princess, a demon, a shadowhunter. You get it. 

I  see all you people put love triangles on here as what they're sick of. WAH. Yet everyone has a hard on for the Throne of Glass series which has like 3 or 4 guys as a love interest for the main character. Don't be a hypocrite now! Everyone loves a good love triangle when it's done tastefully - so don't say you're sick of seeing it. Anything can be good if it's done tastefully! And how many of you said you couldn't wait for the third book of The Dark Elements trilogy, mhm! That's what I thought.

A popular series that you have no interest in reading 

Mistborn Series

I don't know. This seems like a little TOO much fantasy for me. I don't like my fantasy shoved down my throat. I like it sprinkled on top of things.

Show adaptation that you liked better than the book 

The Vampire Diaries

This book was something like I've never read before. And I do NOT mean that in a good way *shudders*.

Im Tagging: anybody who wants to do this tag!

- Jocelyn


  1. This is a neat tag! I thing I'm going to do it! I understand the Felicity argument but the reason I wouldn't want (TV show Oliver to be with Laurel is because the actors have NO chemistry (in fact, I'm pretty sure they have negative chemistry with each other... if that's even possible...)

    1. Haha I don't know - I feel like the producers are making them have no chemistry with the story lines! I think the only reason a lot of girls are watching Arrow is for Olicity and the producers probably know that. And I think Olicity appeals to the whole pathetic "nerd girl gets the guy" thing, which Laurel obviously doesn't. They should have never let it happen to begin with in my opinion.

      But YES do the tag - I'd love to see your unpopular opinions :)

  2. Everyone says Red Queen is so good but I'm kind of reluctant to pick it up! It just seems a bit boring in my opinion. I don't watch the Vampire Diaries but I've heard a lot of great things. It might be something I should pick up on.

    1. I really did not like it at all, lol. To me it seemed like a sad portrayal of other books - like fan fiction gone wrong? Yes vampire diaries is amazing (well the first 4 seasons), but it's totally worth watching because it's so fun!