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Book Review: Rowdy (Marked Men #4)

Rowdy (Marked Men, #5)About the Book:
Title: Rowdy (Marked Men #4)
Author: Jay Crownover
Pub. Date: Oct. 21, 2014
Publisher: William Marrow Paperbacks
Pages: 332
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary 
Rating: 5/5 stars


After the only girl he ever loved told him that he would never be enough, Rowdy St. James knocked the Texas dust off his boots and set out to live up to his nickname. A good ol’ boy looking for good times and good friends, Rowdy refuses to take anything too seriously, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Burned by love once, he isn’t going to let himself trust a woman again. But that’s before his new co-worker arrives, a ghost from the past who’s suddenly making him question every lesson he ever learned.

Salem Cruz grew up in house with too many rules and too little fun—a world of unhappiness she couldn’t wait to forget. But one nice thing from childhood has stayed with her; the memory of the sweet, blue-eyed boy next door who’d been head over heels in love with her little sister.

Now, fate and an old friend have brought her and Rowdy together, and Salem is determined to show him that once upon a time he picked the wrong sister. A mission that is working perfectly—until the one person that ties them together appears, threatening to tear them apart for good.

"There's always a first girl, but there is also the girl that is going to come after her until you get to the last girl. The last girl is the one that really matters.”
I have been in love with the Marked Men series even since first picking up Rule. Now, don't get me wrong, I have loved every single guy in this series, but Rule has always had my heart. Well, after reading Rowdy's story, he has certainly gotten very close to Rule! Rowdy's story was amazing through and through, and Jay Crownover has certainly given us all another Marked Man to love!! Rowdy and Salem are so perfect for each other in every way possible. Not only that, but I felt this novel truly showcased Jay Crownover's talent. She told an amazing story about two amazing people who deserve all the love in the world. Every single line in this novel was so well written, and I never wanted it to end.

“I don't think it's where you go that matters, I think it's where you end up.”

Rowdy has always been a bit of a mystery. We never really knew that much about him from the other books in this series, so I was excited to learn more about his past in his novel. We see a very different side of Rowdy in this novel though then what we have come to know about him. He never stays with a girl long since everyone has left him (in one or another) in his past. Rowdy holds anyone and everyone at arm's length for fear of the past creeping back up and repeating itself. When Salem comes back into his life, the girl that left him and hurt him the most, his life gets shaken up in ways that no one can imagine. Rowdy definitely doesn't make it easy for Salem because he's not quick to trust her newly found non-gypsy ways, but after awhile things heat up between the two of them and it becomes pure magic! 

It's okay to be scared, I really think that's how that whatever it is you're meant to be doing matters, but it's not okay to not find that thing you're supposed to be doing because you're afraid of something new.”

Salem has certainly not had an easy life either. When we learned more about her life with Rowdy when she was younger, I definitely didn't blame her for getting out of her town as fast as she could. The one thing I loved about her character was how hard she tried to prove to Rowdy that she was there, and there to stay. There is no one else for Salem, and she was determined to win Rowdy over no matter what! Salem was such a likable character, and she had me cracking up with her witty personality. She definitely isn't someone who holds back. But honestly, I loved how patient and understanding Salem was when it came to Rowdy and his need to re-develop his trust for her. Salem knew that it would take Rowdy awhile to fully trust her again, and because of the patience she had, their love developed naturally. She says what is on her mind, and tells it like it is. In other words, Salem is awesome and basically exactly who you want as a friend. 

“I kissed her because I had to. I kissed her because I wanted to. I kissed her because kissing her was starting to make me feel like I had found something I wasn't really aware I had been looking for. Mostly I kissed her because ever time she kissed me back I felt her settling a piece of herself even more deeply inside of me.”

Watching Salem and Rowdy's relationship and love develop over the course of the story was absolutely beautiful. Yes, they had some ups and downs, but there was never any overwhelming drama that caused major craziness to ensue. Rowdy and Salem were there for each other when they needed each other the most. Their relationship is sweet, sexy, and fun and I enjoyed every single second of it! I also loved seeing what the rest of the group was up to, and there were definitely some major changes for certain characters in this novel!

“I always thought it was the firsts that matter, 
but now I know that it’s the lasts that stay with you.”

Overall, this is an amazing addition to the Marked Men, and is a must read for all Jay Crownover fans. If you're looking for a fun, steamy read, this book is for you! This is all about recognizing the importance of second chances and remembering that it's the "lasts" that matter the most.

Happy reading :)


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