Monday, August 31, 2015

POP! Funko - September releases

Hey everyone! In case you didn't know, I am a huge Funko collector. I love them so much. At first, I thought they were really creepy. But now I can't get enough. I always like to stay up-to-date on when new Funko's are releasing so I can order them. I know a lot of you like them too, so I want to let you know what Funkos are releasing soon in case you want to get any. I also want this to be a monthly thing from now on. All Funkos mentioned in this post will be released at some point in the month of September! Note: This isn't an all inclusive list, these are just Funkos that I am interested and think you will be interested in as well.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Collection - addition 

Orphan Black Collection - addition
Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy - addition 

The Phantom 

Gotham Collection

Batman, Arkham Knight Collection

Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

Doctor Who Collection: addition 
* this POP is a Game Stop exclusive 

So what do you think - will you be getting any of these POPs?


  1. I haven't really gotten into the funko pops yet, but they seem really cool! I just told my sister to get me the Harry Potter ones for Christmas the other day. Those will be my first! And I think that I am going to be getting my boyfriend the Assassin's Creed ones! This is a fun monthly post idea!

    1. Well, they're addictive so after you get those you're going to want some more. I remember when I started out with just one (the frozen Anna), now I'm a Funko hoarder! haha. Funko's are a great gift idea - I have lots on my Christmas list. And thank you :)