Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sisters of Blood and Spirit

Sisters of Blood and Spirit: Kady Cross 
Publication Date: March 31st 

Wren Noble is dead—she was born that way. Vibrant, unlike other dead things, she craves those rare moments when her twin sister allows her to step inside her body and experience the world of the living. 

Lark Noble is alive but often feels she belongs in the muted Shadow Lands—the realm of the dead. Known as the crazy girl who talks to her dead sister, she doesn't exactly fit in with the living, though a recent suicide attempt and time in a psych ward have proved to her she's not ready to join her sister in the afterlife. 

Now the guy who saved Lark's life needs her to repay the favor. He and his friends have been marked for death by the malevolent spirit of a vicious and long-dead serial killer, and the twins—who should know better than to mess with the dead—may be their only hope of staying alive.

Going into this novel, I wasn't sure what to expect. I heard mixed things about it on goodreads, but when I first saw the cover and read the description I was super intrigued. I mean look at that cover! It's beautiful! So the story follows Wren and Lark who are sisters. Wren died in childbirth but Lark can still see and communicate with her and other ghosts - a lot of people think Lark is a freak as a consequence of that. 

"I'd rather eat glass than have Kevin around. It wasn't that he was a jerk, though he could give me a run in the obnoxious race, it was that I didn't trust him with my sister." 

I really liked Lark but I wasn't a fan of Wren. I guess it wasn't so much that I didn't like her, more that I just liked Lark a lot more. She was cool as shit - she kicked serious ass and was snarky as hell! Also, I totally ship her and Mace (The guy who saved her from a recent suicide), but he has this annoying girlfriend, Sarah. I hate her life. She is rude, jealous, bitchy, insecure, among other things. 

The biggest problem I had with this book were the descriptions of the characters. I loved their personalities. They were very well-written, but I couldn't picture them for the life of me. I wanted to know their hair color, eye color, weight, clothing, relative height to each other. Instead you get things like "he's gorgeous". A few of the characters you get their hair color, but that's it. The most description you get is of a ghost… Can I get more of a description of Mace, though? 

The book never really goes into more about why Lark and Wren are so special. Also, why does Wren, as a ghost, grow up? The other ghosts in the book stay the same age as when they died but not Wren… she ages the same as a human would. The timeline seemed off as well. I'm pretty sure this book happened over the course of one weekend, looking back it just seemed odd to me to squeeze so much information into 3 days. 

I will be continuing this series. Even though it wasn't my favorite and I wasn't shaking with anticipation, there were really awesome characters and enough of a cliff hanger to make me wonder what is going to happen next. I'd give it 3 stars. 

"His eyes were so wide I could see the whites around his irises
'Jesus Christ!'
'No,' I whispered, my voice a growling, terrible vortex. 'Not quite.'"


  1. I haven't heard much about this book but I've seen it around and thought of picking it up, it's now officially added to my TBR :) great review

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    1. You will definitely like it if you like paranormal-y type stuff. :)

  2. I saw this book and aslkdnlknqwlealjsflasnd. I need it ok? Lmfao well I just think this book stands out to me since I have a twin sister myself so it's like symbolic. I'm u liked it enough though :D

    Awesome review and I love ur bookstagram.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. I feel like twins will definitely be able to relate to this book so much! Well not so much about the ghost thing… but just how they act in general.