Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight is the second installment of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. So if you haven’t read that, probably don’t read this review any further than this sentence if you don’t want to know what happens in the first book. Crown of Midnight starts with Calaena doing her job as the King’s Champion… except not really because she is just pretending to kill the people she is being told to kill.

It took awhile for me to actually figure out what the plot of this story was. At first I thought it was going to be her being the King's Champion, but she spent a lot of time doing other things. I kept thinking, "Isn't the King suspicious at why everything is taking so long?". 

One thing I really liked in this book was seeing another side to Calaena, both good and bad. We heard in Throne of Glass about her snapping at Endovier and just plowing down a bunch of guards, but we didn't know why and we didn't really know what was going through her head when she was doing it. More information is given on that as well as more about her past. At one point she just goes kind of crazy, and there was no getting through to her - and I thought that was pretty awesome. You see the side of Calaena that everyone is afraid of and all of the rumors about "Adarlans Assassin" are about. 

In Throne of Glass, I was team Dorian. I didn't even know how to pronounce Chaol, and I really didn't even care. Now, I totally changed my mind. Don't get me wrong, I still like Dorian and everything - but I just think her and Chaol should be endgame at this point. I feel like Chaol did a 180 around Calaena from last book to this book. He was a lot sweeter and cared more about her wellbeing in general. 

My favorite thing about this book was the ending, it was pretty shocking to me and I was honestly quite upset about it. Despite the large chunk at the beginning of the book where i was sort of confused as to what the plot was going to be, I think everything that happened at the end made up for it. There was a lot that happened to each character and not just Calaena, either.  Every character changed immensely throughout the course of the book, I want to say they almost discovered themselves. I am excited to read the next book but at the same time I'm hesitant because I don't want any relationships to change because I think they are perfect how they are right now. I give this book 4.5 stars. 


  1. Yesssss, I was so confused between if I was Team Dorian or Team Chaol! I can't wait to read this book and see if it sways me toward either one. I love Celaena and her badassery! I'm looking forward to reading more of it! Awesome review!

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  2. Oh, in the first book I was totally team Dorian! I usually make up my mind about love triangles who I like pretty early on - I'm so surprised that my mind changed so much in the second book.

  3. I was going to start COM today, but I forgot all about another book I have to read first, so my reunion with Celaena is being postponed . . . again! I had to skip the review so I wouldn't get spoiled. Thanks for the warning in the beginning! lol