Monday, November 20, 2017

Blog Tour: Exposure (Incandescent #3)

About the Book:
Title: Exposure (Incandescent, #3)
Author: Sylvie Parizeau
Publication date: November 22nd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

PHILIPPE-OLIVIER TISSEROT’s caffeine addiction is about to land him in uncharted territory and one hell of a ride. One that’s about to go viral.
Current status: Computer whiz to hacker to penpal.
Upgrade status: Lover.
Well, I’m still working on the lover part.
I’m just a computer geek studying at MIT. And now I’m in two places at once – the geek and the lover battling it out to get the girl.
The only problem is, my dream girl doesn’t know she knows me in either one of them.
Now I have to win her in both.
Please wait. Upgrade in progress.

Author Bio:
A paralegal by day and incurable romantic by night, Sylvie is a cross-genre, and she takes Happily Ever After very seriously. The End just isn’t in her vocabulary.
An incorrigible daydreamer, she now feeds her obsession with epilogues by concocting stories in which heroes deal with the happy from the get-go. Ready, or not. And she confesses under oath to loving every minute of it.

Sylvie lives her own Happily Ever After in the beautiful mountains of Les Laurentides in Northern Quebec, alongside her whole set of characters.  In between treks in their backyard wilderness, you can find them hanging out at


Wow, wow, wow! Sylvie Parizeau never ceases to impress me with her stories but this one blew me away. I loved every single second of this novel and fell in love with both characters over and over again! While the Incandescent series can be read individually as standalone novels, I highly recommend you reading the other two novels first...not because you won't understand something but because this series is so amazing that you shouldn't miss out on the other two gorgeously written novels! 

I was excited to check Exposure out because PO has been a bit of a mysterious character to me since the first book in this series, and I couldn't wait to find out more about him. He has intrigued me a lot since the beginning and let me tell you... PO seriously made me fall in love with him repeatedly while I was reading his story. As with the other two novels, Exposure is all about PO's journey into finding love. And even though he never thought it would happen--he falls hard and falls fast for a girl that completely ignores him (or so he thinks that she ignores him). Auréle has an interesting story to tell...I'm not going to spoil anything but I figured it out pretty quickly after reading the first chapter from her perspective. I adored the incorporation of this aspect of her character as it was so different than something I have read previously. Ms. Parizeau did an excellent job at writing her character. 

Together Auréle and PO form first, a friendship and later, a relationship in a slightly unconventional way but I loved it so much. It fit both of their personalities very well and I adored that it was how they got to know each other. Both PO and Auréle are perfect for each other and are incredibly relatable. I loved how PO saw Auréle even when she was convinced she was invisible. He made her feel loved, and that love is tangible while reading. They definitely have some steamy moments but they were well-balanced with the rest of the story. 

I will say, this book was a bit of a roller-coaster in regards to my emotions. Sometimes I would be flying high on the love they had for each other and then the next minute I would be shocked from a surprise twist that might change everything forever for PO and Auréle. But that just made the book more exciting! Again, the Canadian landscape is seriously the perfect setting for this series and it makes me long to travel there. 

I highly recommend reading Exposure if you are a romance fan or a fan of the Incandescent series. I simply adore this entire series, and I am looking forward to the future books and the rest of the GGS squad's stories. Sylvie Parizeau knows how to write a heartwarming story, and the perfect cold weather read. This is a must read, so curl up with a nice steaming mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and dive in when this is released! You won't regret it!

Happy reading :)


P.S. I'll be reviewing the second book in the series tomorrow, so stop by and check out my thoughts!


  1. Thanks for hosting today, Cassie! This sounds like a compelling and well written series! :)

  2. Thanks for the heartfelt (wonderful) review, Cassie. That my story touched you warms my heart. Seriously, do. Here's to more in 2018, and, who knows, maybe a visit to my littler corner of the world thrown in there?;)