Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Review: Unrest (Unknown #2)

Unrest (Unknown #2)About the Book:
Title: Unrest (Unknown #2)
Author: Wendy Higgins
Pub. Date: February 9, 2017
Publisher: Wendy Higgins/Createspace
Pages: 282
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


New York Times bestselling author Wendy Higgins brings you the second book in this thrilling war-torn world... Being on the run in the desert means food and sanctuary are hard to come by, but Amber Tate and her crew are not about to give up. Not after having the things they love brutally ripped from them by an unknown enemy who sent their world into the apocalypse. Survival takes precedence, but once safe shelter is found, their guards fall and the emotions they've been holding in are finally released. Anger, insecurities...lust. In their tight quarters, Amber, Rylen, Tater, and Remy can't escape it. The past must be faced, and passions run even stronger in the darkest of times. In the midst of unrest, their worlds are rocked again when they discover the truth about the war that's ruined their lives. They thought finding out the enemy's identity would give them the edge; instead it's revealed terrifying dangers they never thought possible.



Wendy Higgins has done it again!! She has given me everything that I could possibly want in a sequel and then some! I loved everything about this book, and wanted to have the third book in my hands as soon as I was done (which yes...that means there's a killer cliffhanger). Everything about this book was perfection and I seriously can't wait to find out what happens next!

Unrest picks up right where the first book, Unknown, left off. Amber and her friends/crew have to take a risk and venture into the unknown to try and find some sort of help/shelter. But when they do, it's not a question of do they go, it's a question of who can they trust there? There is a lot of action and adventure throughout the entire story, but it's nicely balanced with romance and the underlying plot of why everything is happening. Most of our questions are answered in this book, but trust me...you're left with plenty more by the end. 

Amber was fantastic as the main character once again, and I truly enjoyed her characterization in this story. I thought Wendy Higgins did an excellent job at further developing not only her character, but the others as well. Rylen and Amber though seriously kill me every time. Their relationship is such a roller coaster, but I love every single second of it! They both have gone through a lot though so it's understandable why they feel guilt with their feelings toward each other. Tater and Remy also are undergoing a grieving process in this book, and it was interesting to see how they each handled it. They react so differently, but they also help each other get through things. 

Overall, I highly recommend reading this book as soon as you can! In fact, why are you not reading it now?? This entire series is an exhilarating thrill ride with the perfect balance between action, adventure, and romance. You might think you have some things figured out, but trust me...by the end you're head will be spinning with possibilities and you'll want that third book in your hands immediately. Check this out now!

Happy reading :)


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  1. Love this review! I couldn't agree more with it and this book/series is just so freaking good! I'm in love with it!