Friday, June 23, 2017

ARC Review: Deliciously Bitter (Naked Brews #3)

Deliciously Bitter by KB JacobsAbout the Book:
Title: Deliciously Bitter (Naked Brews #3)
Author: KB Jacobs
Pub. Date: June 23, 2107
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 306
Rating: 5/5 stars

Three years ago, my perfect life ended. I got trapped inside a burning Army MRAP and watched my friends die. I was the only one to survive, if you can call this survival. 

Now I’m the beast of nightmares. Horrific scars mean I don’t leave my house...ever. 

But my best friend made sure I continued to live when all I wanted was to give up. I owe him everything, and now he needs me for two weeks. 

Two weeks with strangers who I’ll never have to see again. I can do this. I can ignore the stares and revulsion. 

But what I can’t ignore is the stunning beauty next door who sees past my scars. 

She’s Hollywood royalty. I’m a recluse, a hermit. Her life is glamour and paparazzi. My life is NOT. No matter how much I want her, I’m no good for her. 

Beauty and the beast was a romantic fairy tale, but this is real life and she deserves better... 


I have no words to describe how amazing this book is!! You need to pick it up as soon as it is released! KB Jacobs have written an excellent conclusion in the Naked Brews trilogy by not only wrapping up the mystery that has been plaguing these characters since the very beginning, but also giving us the most romantic love story between Damian and Alex. I've been begging to find out more about these two characters in particular, so it was a bittersweet way to end the series for me. 

Once again, KB Jacobs has crafted excellent main characters and given them so much life you feel as if you're friends with them. Since the get go, both Damian and Alex have been very mysterious characters...Damian more so than Alex however. Which means his character is full of surprises and new discoveries throughout the entire book. My heart broke for Damian and all of the suffering he has gone through, but his change from this hermit/recluse to being open and trusting of others was HUGE. One of his scenes towards the end of the book truly brought tears to my eyes because of how far he had come since the start. And while some of his growth was from his own choices and feeling like he belonged with the Naked Brews crew, a large majority of this growth came from Alex. She was more incredible than I ever could imagine! I loved her for her constant support and caring nature towards Lake and Melissa, but this extends to Damian and is taken to a whole other level. Honestly, the respect, care, and love she showed him is very rare these days, and it was exactly what he needed to break out of his self-made hermit shell. 

I was rooting for Alex and Damian from the very first chapter, but together the sparks fly off the page!! Reading their story was so spectacular and amazing, and I never wanted it to end! Even though Damian is reluctant at first, he can't help but open his heart and home to Alex. And boy oh boy do the pages heat up when they are together. Every scene between them was beautifully written and made your heart melt. 

All loose ends are tied up, and I definitely didn't expect the culprit behind everything to be the person it was!! It was shocking for sure! I highly recommend reading this is book if you are a fan of the series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I think the story means so much more when read the series in order. It's hard knowing that this is the last in the Naked Brews series because I don't want to say goodbye to these characters yet!! I hope it won't be the last we see of them (hint hint KB Jacobs....give us some novellas please), but KB Jacobs definitely went out with a bang and ended this series perfectly!

Happy reading :)


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