Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blog Tour: Finding Paradise

About the Book:
Title: Finding Paradise
Author: V.P. Ortiz
Publication date: September 24, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Mila Quinn is ready to finally move out of the college dorms into an apartment with her longtime boyfriend, Ethan Lowe. But when Ethan reveals a big secret, her world is suddenly turned upside down, stirring up old memories of love and loss. Completely torn apart, she boards a plane to Hawaii to escape for the summer.
Even though Mila wants to spend her time in paradise in isolation, fate has other plans when it drops sexy local Gage Madden in her lap. Hesitant at first, she agrees to let him take the reins on her island exploration. As Mila discovers the wonders of Oahu with Gage, it becomes harder for her to fight the budding attraction between them.
But behind the curtain of island adventures and undeniable chemistry, trouble is brewing where Mila least expects it. Secrets begin to bubble to the surface that could destroy her all over again. Will Mila find her paradise? Or will she leave Hawaii with another broken heart?

Author Bio:
V.P. Ortiz lives, works, and breathes in sunny/snowy/beautiful Colorado with her loving husband, their two beautiful children, and their three fat cats. While her home may be in the Rocky Mountains, she left her heart somewhere on the island of Oahu, where she plans to retire someday in a tiny house with an avocado tree and free-range chickens. Besides reading any book in sight, her hobbies also include eating, dancing, lip syncing, and occasionally running until her husband has to pick her up eight miles away because she got lost and has a leg cramp.


Wow, wow, wow! This book blew me away! I found it difficult to put down, and honestly I never wanted to stop reading it. For debut author, V.P. Ortiz, this is sure to be a hit among fans of contemporary romance, and you will not want to miss out. Her writing is excellent and how couldn’t you love a story that takes place in the gorgeous setting of Hawaii?! With a beautiful backdrop and amazing characters, Finding Paradise is a book you have to check out now!

The story itself is a pretty quick read, but you will love every second of it. There were some parts I found predictable, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. If I’m being honest, it was actually very refreshing to read a story such as this because everything felt very natural in the story. There was no moment that I felt the story or the characters’ actions were forced or unrelatable. Everyone, especially Mila (our MC) was relatable and made me love the story even more. I can’t imagine a better setting for this story to take place than in Hawaii. And let me tell you, Ms. Ortiz truly made Hawaii come alive (and made me want to book a flight there as soon as I got done reading)! 

Mila is an excellent main character to follow. She is very strong and willing to go the extra mile for others. But in this story, she learns that sometimes she needs to put herself first and take risks. There are so many times that we are hesitant to do something crazy or adventurous because we don’t want to break out of our little box. But sometimes that’s exactly what we need to make us come alive again, move on from whatever is holding us back, and become who we are truly meant to be. And that is exactly what Mila does in this book. I truly admired Mila’s ability to adapt to her new surroundings and cope with the events in her life. The romance is sweet and light, and very well done. Gage often seems too good to be true (*hint hint there’s a twist with his character**) but it’s easy to fall in love with him. I did like that they started off as friends, and even though it progressed somewhat quickly, it was still believable. There were some very cilche moments with their romance, but it didn’t make me love this book any less. 

Overall, I would highly recommend checking out this book as it is one that you don’t want to miss! V.P. Ortiz writes an amazing story that will easy sweep you off your feet and have you desperate to go to Hawaii as soon as possible. It was a quick read that was sweet and exactly what you need in the middle of winter. Add this to your TBR right away!

Happy reading :) 




  1. Thanks for hosting today, Cassie! And great review! This sounds like a must-read, and Mila sounds like an easy to like character. I love it when it's so well written that the flow or the story and writing just makes it all real. Glad you liked it! :)

  2. Happy to be hosting :) And thank you!! It was such an enjoyable book, and plus, who doesn't a love a book set in Hawaii ;)