Friday, February 20, 2015

The 5th Wave

This book is kind of an alien Armageddon. Aliens come to earth and do all of these things to kill off humans. They do it in waves, so everyone isn't killed at one time. The first wave shuts down all electronics, even cars. The second wave was just this huge hurricane/tidal wave type thing that took out the entire Eastern seaboard and other water surrounding lands. The third wave was basically Ebola engineered to be airborne. I especially liked that one because I'm a biology major in college & I've done a lot of projects on Ebola. The 4th wave are these "silencers" who are alien (sort of) snipers that just gun down anyone they see - usually with a bullet to the head. I'm not going to say what the 5th wave is because I don't want to spoil it.

The main character is Cassie Sullivan. She survived the hurricanes, she was immune to the newly engineered Ebola & now she is on the run from the silencers. The trouble with the silencers is that they look, talk, and act just like humans. You can't tell them apart. Cassie is looking for her brother who was taken to a military base. So that's what the book is about.

I loved this book. The first alien book I ever read was I Am Number Four like YEARS ago but I don't even remember because the 2nd book was sorta bad. I loved the main character, Cassie. She sacrifices so much for her brother. The 5th Wave is told from multiple points of view & it really works for this story. It comes from her, her brother, & her high school crush (Ben Parish). I was kind of hoping the book would end on a cliff-hanger, but it didn't. If you didn't know, the book is being made into a movie and I'm really excited for it. Chloe Grace Moretz is playing Cassie. I think that is such great casting because she's a really fantastic actress. The 5th wave is currently filming in Georgia, and is set to come out next January. I'm excited to read the next book in the series (The Infinite Sea), even though I've heard the point of view changes and the main character kind of changes. Which I REALLY don't want the main character to change because I love Cassie so much. So, I'm kind of hesitant.

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