Sunday, January 18, 2015

"The DUFF"

The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) Review

So, I don't know if you've seen the preview, but this book is going to be a movie! On my book it reads "soon to be a major motion picture". The promo for this movie looks funny - almost like Mean Girls or John Tucker Must Die. It doesn't look like anything that will be my favorite movie but it looks like something I'd watch when I'm sick or something. So the movie preview is DRASTICALLY different from the book plot. I'm thinking they only used the word "DUFF" and the character descriptions.

The movie preview looks like it's about this girl (Bianca) who gets called the DUFF by a cute boy (Wesley). I guess she doesn't want to be a DUFF anymore so they make a deal that he "unDUFFs" her and she'll help him pass science class. That's what I got out of the preview. I'll link it below. So - funny enough for a chick flick comedy with a predictable ending.

The book is a lot different. There is no "unDUFFing" or helping Wesley pass science class. In fact, Wesley seemed very smart in the book. It was darker than what I'd expected. Both her and Wesley's home life were abusive in their own way, sleeping with each other to escape their problems. Well, Bianca sleeping with him to escape her problems, Wesley wanting to sleep with everyone at first to escape his. Personally, I couldn't relate to Bianca because of her constant desire for hooking-up. I felt like she wanted it even more than Wesley by always initiating the hook-up. She was very hypocritical by calling Wesley a player and promiscuous. I don't like that she stopped talking to her friends after she started hooking-up with Wesley. I think it gives young girls bad examples of how to act after getting into a first time relationship. I wish there was more tension between Wesley and Bianca - after they started talking it seemed as though Wesley was too nice. He never fought and always sought her out. He let her walk all over him and that is never attractive in a guy. As for the characters, I liked everyone BUT Bianca. She was bossy and hypocritical - not my cup of tea… but I'd read another just for Wesley or Bianca's friends. I'll still probably go see the movie - Bianca looks like a more likable character! What do you think about the book to movie adaptation promo?

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